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Algonquin Cross-Country Ski Trail Website, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Family Fun Day and Ski Race info, Maps, Volunteers, and Sponsors. Eastern Upper Peninsula CC Ski Race, Northern Michigan Nordic X-Country XC Skiing, Algonquin Ski Trails, Chippewa County Ski Trail,

Welcome to the Algonquin Cross-Country Ski Trail!

The Algonquin Ski Trail is a DNR ski trail that is a true gem of Eastern Upper Peninsula. This beautiful trail offers vistas of trees, wild life, hills, and of course, snow. Thank you for supporting our Michigan ski trail!

Date of last Grooming:  Tuesday, 2/20/2024

**Recreation Passports required on the car to park at the trail. This helps the DNR maintain the ski trail. (From Secr. of State ($14) or from DNR at the trail head ($19).

  •  "We Ski The Algonquin!"


Click on the Skier for Registration Form for the Family Fun Day and Ski Races (PDF)

      "Beautiful trails..."

  • Grooming Updates and Current Ski Trail Conditions

    • Groomed:     Please see above.
    • Condition of Ski Trail as reported by skiers: 
      • Excellent         
      • Good                    
      • Fair              
      • Poor                
    • Recommended Wax:  
    • Click for Map of the Algonquin Ski Trail
  • The Annual Family Fun Day and Ski Race

    • Date:  On Hold for now

       "A beautiful day in our winter wonderland!"

Click on Picture for Volunteer Form (PDF)

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  • Algonquin Cross-Country Ski
     Driving Directions


Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers from the 2015 Family Fun Day and Ski Races

"A perfect ski"  Dan Bacheler

"Thank you. Great fun."  Wayne and Joann Barry

"The Algonquin Ski Trail fundraiser is a great way to give back to the community." Rebekka

"We love this trail!! Always enjoy the trail whenever we visit from the Jackson area in the lower peninsula." Bill and Mary Spencer

"Not 35 below!"  Dr. Jeff Lozen

"Great day for skiing." Kaaleb

"Great trail! Thanks to the DNR for the great grooming. Perfect day for the race." Dr. Bill Bacheler, DDS

"Skiing here is heavenly."  Suzy Gordon

"Winter wonderland. It's a fantastic, beautiful, well organized event!! Thanks."  Nick Koster

"Thank you to everyone. Good times!" Dr. Peter Ranta

Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers from the 2014 Family Fun Day and Ski Races

"Boy that chili was good! Trail was well groomed, a beautiful day in our winter wonderland!" Dr. Jeff Lozen

"Enjoyed the event, volunteered as a time keeper + fire watcher. Great event for families." Melody VanDusen, Alpha Phi Omega and LSSU Rec Club

"Beautiful day and terrific tracks today for skiing." Dr. Bill Bacheler

"Great trails and beautiful day!" Len Peake

"Another great year at Algonquin." John Kehoe

"Fun Race" Randy Vining

"Another great volunteer opportunity for the LSSU Rec club. Glad to be back." Tyler Pattullo

"The hot chocolate afterwards hit the spot!" Jessica Koster

"Great day, good trail, beautiful snow covered trees. :-)  Victoria Vining

"Beautiful trails, friendly people, warm fire & snacks. Lovely day."

"Thanks to everyone that participated, skied, volunteered, and donated time & funds to keep the Algonquin Ski Trail in tip-top shape. Let's go skiing!" Dr. Peter Ranta, Family Fun Day Coordinator

Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers that attended the 2013 Family Fun Day and Ski Races

"I'm glad everyone else took the wrong route"  Dr. Bill Bacheler, overall winner of the 2013 race

"Great day, great trail, great volunteers! Thanks for everything you do for the trail." Sue Fitzpatrick

"It was a good day. Skiing was good and Pete did a good job + Congrats to Bill."  Mick Maleport

"Everyone was helpful. It makes the day so much fun! Thank you for making this day available for us that love to ski." Pam Chipman

"It was fun to ski and I kept up with my brother." Rebekka

"Great opportunity for the LSSU Rec Club." Tyler Pattullo, LSSU Rec Club

"I had a great time watching all of the cross-country skiers having fun." Liz Dachs, LSSU Rec Club

"It was a good time watching the skiers, eating food, and sitting around the bonfire." Jessica Allen, LSSU Rec Club

"What a great day! Very fun to see all of the skiers having a good time!" Rachel Williamson

"Best trail ever!" Kaaleb

"Felt like I was skiing on 60 grit sandpaper- need wax." Mikael

"Good skiing, good fire, good people, and good food." Roy Nason.

"The Vegetarian Chili was good. The Gumbo was righteous!" Happy Family Fun Day Skier

"Beautiful great conditions, wonderful people!! The Spencers from Jackson, Michigan

"This was such a fun time. Food was delicious, people were friendly and the weather was good for skiing."

"It was so nice to have such great conditions!" Pam Bacheler

"What a wonderful experience to ski through the beautiful trails!" Wendy

"Great day to view God's splendor. Trail was awesome." Gail Pomeroy

"There is nothing better than sharing the beautiful outdoors with friends." Mary 2013

"Thank you to all of our volunteers, skiers, sponsors, donors, and friends! This was a great year! Let's keep skiing!" Dr. Peter Ranta, Family Fun Day Coordinator















Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers that attended the 2012 Family Fun Day and Ski Races 

"Loved the trail. Look forward to next year." Mikael

"Beautiful day and great event with great people." Al Case

"The trail was great skiing today considering the winter we have had." Mick Maleport, winner of the men's 6 mile ski race.

"Always great fun at Algonquin." John Kehoe

"Wonderful trail and great people." Rob Stratton

"Beautiful day and fantastic cause." Ginger Stratton

"There is nothing to compare to a beautiful day on the ski trail." Roy Nason

"Had a great time and braved the cold." Rebekka

"Great day for cross-country skiing! I got good enough at downhill skiing to be dangerous to myself, gave it up!" Dr. Lamar Styer

"Beautiful day, good exercise, great cause!!" Charmaine Walsh

"Once again, thank you to all of our volunteers. Thanks to all of the skiers that made the race exciting again this year. We even had a 11 month old take on the trail. Thank you to the business sponsors, who really help make this possible. I am grateful that we were able to help support the construction of the new Hospice House in the Sault. Hope to keep the trail going for many years to come."  Dr. Peter Ranta, fundraiser organizer











 Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers that attended the 2011 Family Fun Day and Ski Races 

"Algonquin Ski Trails, where the weather's cold, the chili's tasty, and the fire's warm."  Brendan Western

"Warm smiles... cold feet...good chili, Let's eat!"  Tyler Johnson

"Good friends, great trails + cold weather!"  Your photographers Traci and Zarrissa

"Love the trail"  John Kehoe

"A lot of fun, thanks for all the work, Peter!  Man, the chili was good!"  Dr. Bill Bacheler (Chili contributor)

"I participated in the Family Fun Snowshoe event. Even though it was cold I had so much fun. I was able to get within 5 feet of a red headed woodpecker. It was beautifully cold out. :-)   Nicole Craven, LSSU Rec Club Volunteer

"Great turn out, great fun + great hot chocolate."  Mary Jill Leonhardt

"It was colder than Hell, Michigan."   Dr. Lamar Styer

"It's so nice seeing everyone having fun + helping the community!"  Laura Reese

"The soup afterwards made it all worthwhile!"  Dr. Greg Zimmerman

"Very cold, but a lot of fun!!!"  Kathy Larson

"It was a great event for a cold day. The strong ones showed up."  Bill Munsell

"One of my favorite things about returning to Michigan is enjoying the many beautiful natural wonders of God's creation. Many beautiful memories on the ski trail!"  Mary Cameron

"The ski event went great. This year the trails were well groomed. I had an excellent time and plan on coming back again next year."  Fred Stevens

"It was a good time."  Dean Bennette

"It was a great day for skiing. The trails were a little slow, but everyone still had a great time. It was nice to see lots of people from the community get involved and help out with the event."  Matt Gaudette (winner of the men's 2011 ski race)

"Thank you once again to a great group of committed Volunteers. We could not have pulled this event off without each of you. It's nice to see more and more volunteers joining the cause of keeping this gem of a ski trail groomed for everyone to use. The LSSU Rec club has provided a lot of great student volunteers. Thank you also to all of the business sponsors. You were a life-saver. Thank you also to Rob Shields, who does a wonderful job grooming these trails."  Dr. Peter Ranta, Fundraising organizer

"Sweet smell of success! Won my division in a local cross-country ski race today fighting adversity-- weather (O degrees), feisty competitors, and self doubt to win first place. Ignore my detractors that might snipe that I was the only competitor in the old fart division-- age 60 and above."  Dr. Bill Bacheler



Quotes from Skiers and Volunteers that attended the 2010 Family Fun Day and Ski Races 

"Conditions were great at the time of the race. It was lots of fun."  Dennis Hill

"My girls and I had a great time, it was a beautiful day for skiing."  Andrea Donmyer

"What a great way to be a family- my kids and I have enjoyed this trail for many years. Skiing is a good way to stay in shape and be happy."

"It was a fantastic race- beautiful weather, nicely groomed trails, and wonderful people."  Dr. Nate Bacheler (winner of the 2010 men's ski race)

"Great Race! It's really good to have this excellent ski trail in the city of Sault Ste. Marie."  Dr. Bill Bacheler

"Glad I could participate... but it about killed me! I'll be back next year."   Fred Stevens

"See you next year. Great job, Peter!"  Dr. Greg Zimmerman

"This event was a wonderful experience. I don't cross-country ski but now I definitely want to take a chance at it. The sun was shining and I just couldn't help but enjoy the event, company, and day."  Nicole Craven, Volunteer, LSSU Rec. Club

"The event was wonderfully executed by Peter Ranta and everybody was able to have a fun, healthy, and enjoyable experience."  Tyler Johnson

"A beautiful day, a terrific course, and a group full of loving and enjoyable people. Let's go skiing!" 

Pickford Winter Fest Ski Races

The Annual Pickford Winter Fest Ski Races will be held at the Northwoods Christian Camp Ski Trails.
Classic and Skating trails have been groomed.
Open to public skiing with $5 daily donation for adults and $4 for seniors and students.
Candlelight Ski Fun Night.

The Contact person is Steve Storey, Northwoods Camp Caretaker at 906-322-1398
The Contact person for the Winter Fest is Rob Horn. The e-mail is: pickfordwinterfest@

Map of Northwoods Christian Camp location
Northwoods Christian Camp website

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