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Great Lakes Allergy & Asthma Center
Peter M. Ranta, M.D., Northern Michigan Allergist, Upper Michigan Allergist, & Upper Peninsula Allergist Doctor

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Feedback for Dr. Ranta and our Great Lakes Allergy staff:  

"So many good things to share: Reception staff are always welcoming, and smile with their eyes. Medical Assistants are so polite, respectful, professional, patient, friendly.. they add a personal touch to the patient interaction. 5 stars, I look forward to my bi-weekly shots because of how well I'm treated. Smiley face."  M.B.

"5 star excellent staff & Dr." R.P.

"5 star rating, Great Doctor, Great medical assistants, excellent receptionist (excellent like spaghetti) Smiley face."  D.S.

"Star x5, Great Service/ smiling faces."  D.H.

"Everyone at this office is always wonderful- helpful, kind, fantastic!!! Thank you, Smiley face."

"Star x5"  M.G.

"Five stars +"  J.H.

"It's always a delight to come to the office. Dr. Ranta is great and his staff is always top notch and friendly. ***** I always look forward to coming in."  C.H.

"About 8 years ago, I used to get sick with upper respiratory infections multiple times each winter. Each episode usually lasted 2-4 weeks. When I was tested at Dr. Ranta's office, I discovered I had allergies and mild asthma, both of which have greatly improved with Dr. Ranta's care. I have worked an additional five years before retitrement due to my health improvements, and I have become an athlete despite my age. Although the allergies from my youth have come back to affect me, they have been manageable by following the medical advice and care prescribed by Dr. Ranta and his team. Thank you!!!" G.W.

"Would appreciate shot reminder if closed extended periods. Thanks."  T.M.

"The allergy shots alleviate my sinus headaches. The Dr., medical assistants, and the rest of the staff are very pleasant and professional.'  S.S.

"Dr. Ranta changed my life! Ever since I did those allergy shots, I haven't had a sinus infection in 5 years!"

"Dr. Ranta solved a severe case of angioedema that my husband had suffered with most of his adult life. We doctored in Marquette and Petoskey over the years... we were told we would never figure it out. We gave up. It started escalating. A very good friend suggested Dr. Ranta. Two years ago we got an appointment and he solved it in one visit. I can't tell you how thankful we are to him."  K.G.

"Dear Dr. Ranta, Thank you for all that you are doing for your patients during this challenging time. I sincerely appreciate the many extra safety precautions you have taken and truly am grateful that you are willing to be open for patients to receive our injections. Everyone on your staff is always so very kind and helpful. You and your lovely family are true assets to our community! I thank God you're here."  : )  C.A.

"To all who work here! I thank you and greatly appreciate all your help with my allergies and asthma. May all your blessings come true now and continue into the future." B.M.

"Great job always!"  W.H.

"Excellent staff- everyone! (Dr. Ranta, medical assistants, office staff) :-) Thank you for being so kind, caring, and efficient! I really appreciate the Christian music and Christian reading materials! Thank you again!"

"Very friendly people and great with my 11 month old son. Glad that we've gotten referred here!"  K.S.

"Place was great. Very friendly and hands on with our son. Place is clean and a uplifting spirit wise when you think doctors. Son had his 1st sucker, he loved it. Thank you to you and the facility (staff). M.S.

"Love your office. Really appreciate your respect of my time. I never am kept waiting. The girls are always friendly and professional. Thanks Dr. Ranta for serving our community so well."  P.W.

"Staff was friendly, so was the doctor & facility was clean. They knew what they were doing." T.H.

"Dr. Ranta and staff are very nice and caring."  T.E.

"Great staff that care for their patients. Provide excellent care. No suggestions, keep doing what you're doing!!" :-)  C.C.

"You do a great job! Very organized. No wait most (99.9%) of the time. Staff is friendly + helpful. The allergy shots have really helped me over the years (10+). The facility is conveniently located, well kept. I love that there is never a problem with parking. The paintings on the walls are beautiful and interesting."  G.C.

"Great job! 5 Stars."  W.H.

"Been a patient for 10 years. Everyone is great! Excellent staff. Very friendly!! :-) Waiting room could use a TV though."  T.W.

"You and your entire staff are kind and courteous. You answer all my questions and address my concerns, and as always, you treat me with respect. Please continue to keep up the good work now and into far reaching future."  B.H.M.

"Fantastic care! We were quite nervous for the allergy testing, but all staff was caring and quick to help when my son started to feel off."  C.E.

"Everyone in this office is awesome! I have been a patient for 4 years and always enjoy coming to this office because everyone is kind, courteous, helpful and efficient. You guys go above and beyond in every way! :-)  Thank you"

"Dr. Ranta is a great Dr. He has helped me feel better, and helped immensely w/ my Asthma."  :-)  R.D. 

"Very good. Everyone is very professional. Thank you for your help."  V.A.

"Very happy with my service here. Everyone is so sweet and nice. Dr. Ranta is the best. Shot's work! I tell everyone to come here."  G.S.

"Everyone is wonderful! So nice and very welcoming! Thank-you all so much!"  B.H.

"Very clean facility. Staff very pleasant! Thank you! Very helpful! Great Doctor, very recommended!"  G.B.

"Very nice and courteous. Professional, in and out in a timely manner."  M.E.

"Excellent, thorough care. :-) Thank you. Courteous, friendly."  N.M.C.

"I think everybody is great + does a great job. I feel relaxed + @ home while I'm there. Everyone is so nice + caring. They know me by name and that is comforting to know the Dr. + staff cares about the patient and the quality care we are getting. God Bless You All."  T.A.B.

"First visit here. So far, I feel comfortable and taken care of. Staff is very nice and understanding of my needs. Dr. Ranta gives me a good feeling that he will take care of me and help cope with all the anxiety and stress of dealing with all my allergies. Thank you."  L.F.

"Dr. Ranta, very thorough and explains everything during the visit. Very professional and down to earth."  G.L.S. 

"Everyone was very nice. Love how everyone was very quick to get everything done. Did not have to wait long periods of time. Thank you!"  M.H.

"Thank you. You are truly appreciated. Dr. Ranta, Thank you! You were the only Dr. that cared if I got well. You were kind and helpful."  M.L.S.

"Staff are personable, engaging, patient and respectful. Dr. Ranta is too. :-) "  M.B.

"Nice."  H.R.

"Really nice staff."  R.G.

"Thank you for helping me with my allergies. All is better, I can enjoy my cat, have a garden, walk in the woods, and so much more. The staff has been wonderful in every way. Thank you."  C.S.

"Dr. Ranta's staff is always so quick and friendly. A real joy to visit."  A.L.K.

"My daughter has done so well on the allergy shots she receives. She has two cats as pets outside and she has done so well- cuddles alot- even with severe animal reactions previously."  S.M.P.

"Everyone is so nice here. The allergy shots have helped so much. I wish I had started them years ago."  J.P.

"Doctor and staff are awesome. They answer all questions and take time to explain everything. Always a pleasant experience."  R.K.

"I just wanted to say that I really like going here to get my shots. Everyone is super nice & friendly! When I went to the health center for my shots, it took forever & I noticed when I got my shot it hurt more there. You guys here do a great job! I love it so much better here."  T.M.

"Awesome staff! Very Friendly!!" (Smiley face)  L.L.

"At first I was scared to do the allergy skin test, but Dr. Ranta and his staff were very pleasant and wonderful and assured me that it wouldn't be difficult."  S.B.

"Dr. Ranta is Awesome. The allergy shots have helped me so much! We are very lucky to have Dr. Ranta and his staff serving our area. Thank you, and keep up the great work!"  J.I.

"Dr. Ranta and his staff are professional and friendly. Allergy shots are given quickly and expertly. No complaints!"  C.K.P.

"I am very pleased with Dr. Ranta and his staff. The friendly, easy going atmosphere makes it very stress free to get my allergy shots. I never have to wait and the staff do an excellent job giving the shots. I would highly recommend them for any allergy needs."  S.H.

"Very nice and professional. Great music playing in waiting room. Wi-Fi was a great accessory!"  K.B.

"You have very kind employees and they always are quick and attentive. For allergy shots, the wait time is usually less than 1 minute, very quick service."  J.A.P.

"The shots and medicine are helping my asthma and my allergies. The staff & doctor Ranta are very kind, supportive, and helpful."  T.A.S.

"Great staff! Comfortable waiting room. Available when I need them." (Smiley face)  D.K.

"Excellent service- very efficient staff. The shots have really made a difference for me. I rarely have to wait- so less missed work time." (Smiley face).  G.C.

"We come weekly for allergy shots and the nursing staff is always incredibly caring, kind, and helpful. I can't say enough great things about the awesome staff. Thank you for making our visits to your office a pleasant experience!! (Smiley face) Thank you!"  J.R.

"They are super friendly- fast and efficient. They are very thoughtful and considerate about switching appointments. We appreciate everything that they do."  P.B.

"Dr. Ranta + staff here at the Great Lakes allergy & asthma center have been such as a pleasure. Every time I have come for my shots, I have felt right at home + the atmosphere is very hospitable."  M.C.

"The staff is always so pleasant and helpful. Everyone is friendly and efficient. It's helpful to be able to walk in and get your shots without an appointment. I used to really dislike shots, now I don't mind at all." (Smiley face)  L.N.

"Thanks to the excellent service and care from Great Lakes Allergy + Asthma, my allergies are under control!"  S.H.

"Great staff, quick service, love the new token system, very friendly."  N.M.

"Dr. Ranta and staff are wonderful in patient care, very personable and always attentive. I have been seen at this clinic for over 6 months and have had no problems or concerns. Staff have always been happy and make small talk to make you feel comfortable at each allergy shot appt. Environment is clean and friendly. Highly recommended for anyone with Allergies."  J.A.

"I appreciate the great staff and hours. This is the only doctor's office I like going to!"  A.M.K.

"The workers are great. They are great with kids as well. The atmosphere is just perfect. Thank you Great Lakes Allergies."  K.V.

"Professional. Friendly. Efficient. Understanding. Patient."  K.L.

"I really like GLA because it makes everyone's lives better. For people who have allergies, they have to get shots, or they choose to get shots. But the shots are amazing. I love getting the shots, because I feel much better when my allergies come. Thank you so much GLA!! (Smiley face)  H.E.E.

"Friendly, professional staff. Always comfortable, clean waiting room. Quick and easy, very little waiting." D.P.

"Very friendly staff. Dr. Ranta is a great Doctor and the allergy shot ladies are very nice."  M.B.

"Very satisfied. The staff is very nice."  T.M.

"Was taken into room very quickly- no wait time. Dr. came in + spent quality time with me asking very good questions about my concerns. Explained tests + costs with me + then proceeded with the tests suggested. Staff professional + helpful."  J.R.

"Thank you for getting Wi-Fi."  Everyone

"Visit was great. Everyone was friendly and made you feel at home! Dr. was great and didn't rush, was willing to take the time to talk to you and answer questions."  K.M.

"Great staff, they really make you feel welcome here. Had a bad reaction to one of my shots and they jumped into action to make sure I was taken care of. Highly recommended to everyone."  D.B.

"I like how new and clean it is here."  M.M.

"He's great!! He's straightforward and very helpful. He takes the time to answer my questions. His staff is friendly and also very helpful! I would highly recommend."  H.S.

"We really like him." J.W.

"I went to him about 10 years ago and found him to be very professional and caring." M.D.

"Nice to have a good specialist here and not to have to travel downstate."  R.C.

"He's great. I thank him everyday that we made the choice for my son to see him. My son sees him still but 90% of his allergies he's grown out of. He made my sons life livable for 10 years. He could be a normal kid."  T.K.

7/21/2016 "Went there with my daughter and thought he was very thorough. Got our answers and treatment. Would recommend again."  D.L.

"I have been taking my now 7 year old son to dr ranta since he was 2. He is an amazing doctor. Like other have said he doesn't rush you and he listens. My son was allergic to so many foods. Dr ranta helped me find foods he could eat and everything. I would highly recommend him." K.B.

"My son has been getting shots for 3 years. Great staff!" C.H.

"I really like him and his staff. My daughter goes to him and he is very thorough, we never feel rushed and he answers whatever questions I have. Very nice doctor who seems to genuinely care about his patients. No complaints."  J.H.

Myself and my daughter have had allergy testing there. All of the staff are great."  S.C.

"I liked him."  H.L.

"pete and his dad have been here many years...hes honest and up front"  K.O.

I took my daughter there who was 8 and no issues for us." S.W.

"I have (and still do) take my son there and he took his time to interact with my son and ask questions. He's very thorough and I have never felt rushed. He is very matter of fact about some things and I can understand how that can be a turn off. I love his staff."  C.M.

"My kiddo goes and we really like him. He doesn't rush through the appointment. He makes sure that all of our questions are answered. The medical assistants are nice too! My kiddo gets allergy shots and they treat him very kind."  K.H.

"I used to go there for my allergy shots before my insurance stopped covering them. I really liked it there. All the staff is very nice and Dr. Ranta is too. He is a little different, almost like he is really shy, but he knows his stuff and he is upfront with you. I thought over all it was a great place to go."  N.C.

"Wonderful man and doctor!!!! He cares for my copd mother and asthmatic grandson. He is always very helpful and willing to listen to his patients which is not something you get with doctors anymore." C.K.

"The shots have really helped!" S.J.

"This was our first time visiting an allergy specialist. GLAA was incredibly nice + made us feel at home even when we were super nervous! Great service from receptionist, medical staff + doctor! Thank you so much."  DF

"When I traveled down state, I forgot my inhaler at home. Your staff went above and beyond to help me get an inhaler refilled. They really bent over backwards. Thank you to you and your staff. It was really appreciated."  K.A.

"I like your office because it is so clean. All the corners in the rooms are even clean."  C.M.

"The shots have been awesome. I'm kicking myself for not doing them earlier."  W.C.

"The shots have been fantastic."  G.D.

"The Salvation Army takes this time to thank you for your help during this Christmas season. You were  part of helping over 523 children have a very Merry Christmas. We were also able to give out 2,615 toys!"  Captains Dan and Amy Voss and the Salvation Army staff

"The shots have definitely been helping." A.B.

"My allergies have been doing great! I wish I would have started allergy shots sooner. I've had terrible allergies since I was a kid."  J.R.

"I appreciate the level of care and concern they show towards my child. Her health is my top priority and I felt it was theirs also. Thank you."  H.J.

"Dr. Ranta + Staff, Thank you for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated. God bless you all."  T.B.

"Staff is Amazing! I do have a suggestion: need baby changing station in bathroom. Thank you!"  M.Q. (oops, we have a baby changing station in the bathroom by the receptionist.)

"You have very nice staff. Your office is also very clean. I appreciate that."  D.S.

7/2015 Newberry Specialty Clinic Survey comments
"A good visit."  "No problems, quick/prompt service. Staff friendly, no issues."  "Nice experience." "Very fast getting in to see the doctor." "Very speedy service, with an earlier visit time than scheduled. Dr. and his staff are doing well." "Very pleasant staff and doctor." "Very flexible on the changes made for time." "Very nice staff and doctor."

Great Staff, Excellent service. Wifi would be nice when waiting for allergy shots. Trina the medical assistant is excellent!"  K.B.

"Thank you for supporting our 2015 Summer Solstice 5K Fun Run!"  Girls on the Run

"No antibiotics for 14 months now. I feel great! The staff takes great care of me. The ladies that give me my shots make me feel like family. Great Lakes has changed my life. Thank you!"  EFR

"Congratulations on behalf of the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (MRPA). We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Peter Ranta has been selected as a winner of the Community Service Award this year." Wendy Wilmers Longpre, MRPA Awards Chair

"Wi-fi would be nice. :-) Staff is always fantastic." C.H.

"I love your office. It is always clean, the staff is friendly and personable. Out of all the doctor offices, yours is one of my favorites. :-)  Thank you."  BKE

"This is my first Thanksgiving that I am not sick. You guys have changed my life. Tell everyone I said thank you very much." E.R.

"The shots worked!"  G.R.

"Joyce was an outstanding, helpful person. She was so kind and considerate with every detail. Nursing staff excellent. Would definitely recommend Dr. Ranta's office. So thankful for promptness! Rate = 10."  J.M.B.

"I like this office."  J.R., age 4

"We love your office. Thank you for having  toys in every room. :) We like the treatment room separate from vitals/testing. We thank you for being patient when we are late and always smiling and nice. :) We think you all do a great job!"  M.O.

"All the staff is very friendly and efficient. It is nice to go to a place where everyone is smiling and happy to help you. Thank you all for doing what you do!"  L.R.P.

"Your doing a great job. Keep doing what your doing."  J.A.

"Thank you Doctor and staff. My cough is gone and I am able to live in peace (somewhat) with my 3 dogs, 2 cats, and U.P. weather. God bless,  K.F."

"You have the nicest, friendliest staff."  D.M.

"Very pleased with efficient & personable office staff. Sweets are good too!"  W.H.

"It is with great pleasure that I get to inform you that Great Lakes Allergy & Asthma Center has been selected as this year's recipient of the Above and Beyond Business Award. This award is given annually by Hospice of the EUP to a business who we feel truly goes above and beyond to support the mission of Hospice in the community. Your outstanding dedication to the Hospice program is truly a blessing."  Tracey E. Holt, Executive Director, Hospice of the EUP

"Always get in & out quickly. Staff is so nice. Keep up the great work!"  E.P.

"The girls are wonderful & get us all in quickly! Thank you for great service!"  C.D.M.

"You're a pretty great Doctor! God Bless you, Dr. Ranta and staff."

"The staff was very helpful getting my son set up as we are here on vacation. His shots are important and we were able to continue his treatment even though we're away from home. Many thanks!!"  D.E.

"Your staff are great, very personable."  H.J.

"I was impressed starting at the phone call to make an appointment at how pleasant and accommadating the staff and others were to me. My time was well spent coming here as I was seen and attended to in a very timely manner. Great job everyone & keep up the good work. :-) "  A.F.

"Good work! Dr. Ranta was very well organized. Knew what he was talking about. Keep up the good work..."  A.D.

"Thank-you for your prompt & friendly care. It's a pleasure to receive shots in such a comfortable setting. P.S. I like the sugar free candy too!"  W.H.

"Dr. Ranta, Heartfelt thank you for your thorough and accurate evaluation Re: my husband's potential allergies. You have saved him from a series of unnecessary shots and treatments, not to mention cost. We will certainly recommend your practice to others."  M.P.

"Awesome!"  K.

"This is my bast upotmit becus tis is my new doctr." A.C., age 5, (This is my best appointment because this is my new doctor.)

"Nurses are great- very friendly & explanatory- I liked the fact that appointment was on time. Room very cold! Beautiful facility. Office girls very friendly. Seems like a very efficiently run place."  A.M.H.

"My first time to Dr. Ranta's office. I found Dr. Ranta + his staff VERY friendly + professional. Dr. Ranta was very educated + offered a lot of good advice. I'm really glad I was finally able to meet everyone in this office + look forward to coming back :-) "  R.S.

"Staff was friendly. Tests done quickly and professionally. Overall positive experience."  P.C.

"I found Dr. Ranta's staff and office to be courteous and very efficient. Everything is explained in detail. All questions are answered. It is actually an office that takes its time and listens to the patients."  K.L.

"I am so happy I started the allergy shots, as I do find a huge difference for both my spring + fall allergies. Both seasons were much more enjoyable. Your office staff is always kind, courteous + professional - even with some staff turnover, the atmosphere has not changed. Very grateful."  M.E.

"The staff here at Great Lakes Allergy is very nice and funny, when I go to wait, they smile at me, but I would like to know if you have more crayons for the coloring books? Thanks. Bye-bye for now."   M.W.

"The Medical Assistants Cheri and Jen are very nice and sweet to me. And the front desk, Joyce and Barb are always kind to their patients. I like Great Lakes Allergy and Asthma Center!!! ;-) The manager* does awesome teaching the Biller people!"   M.W.

"The doctor & staff here are great! Thanks for the great service!"  L.V.

"Love the Christian radio each visit."

"This place rocks my socks!"  A.W.

"Nurses' cheerful disposition made the testing procedure bearable. Staff here is always helpful + polite."  A.H.

"Great office staff, very efficient and friendly...I've never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes to get in for allergy shots or normal app't."  A.T.

"Terrific service. :-) "   C.W.

"Wait times are minimal both for office visits + allergy shots. This is much appreciated since I often use my lunch hour to come here. Staff is always friendly + helpful both in office + on the phone."  S.V.

"On behalf of the United Way of the EUP, I would like to thank you for your generous donation this year. Your actions will positively impact many lives in our area. Thank you!"  D.R.

"I figured when my son was tested, he would have allergies, but I was surprised with the asthma. Please tell Dr. Ranta Thank-you. I am so glad that he was tested. I have talked to my son and he said he is doing lots better since he has been using the inhaler at night."  L.K.

"Great staff- Great organization."  J.H.

"I like this office. Personal. They are quick + pleasant."  L.G.

"Rooms warm, comfortable. Staff professional. Perhaps some music/news radio for the waiting period."  R.C.

"It's the little things that are long remembered- Dr. Ranta, in so many ways you make a difference- Thank you. Thank you for volunteering your services. I really appreciate it!" :-)  A.Z.

"Dr. Ranta + Staff- Just to say Thank You again for all your help. As Always,  P.P."

"Dr. Ranta + Staff- Just a note to express my true thankfulness for your care this week. I really appreciate it. Thank you."  J.B.

"I like this place, because the staff don't waste time. They are pleasant to deal with!"  L.G.

"Professional, Pleasant staff. Well organized."  S.M.

"What a great group of people! Courteous and professional. Nice office environment as well."  R.H.

"I enjoy the bright, friendly atmosphere which includes the pleasant and professional staff. The Christian music playing is soft and inspiring! Thank you!"  S.R.

"I was impressed with Dr. Ranta and the clinic and how everything went."  G.L.

"Good app't! Questions were answered adequately. Nice friendly atmosphere here. Thanks"  B.W.

"On time, friendly, very thorough, and caring."  M.P.A.

"This is my 2nd visit to Dr. Ranta's office... 1st with my daughter. She was afraid but the staff and Dr. Ranta were wonderful at making her feel better. Today was my turn and the staff and Dr. Ranta were just as nice to me as they were when my daughter was here. Caring and Compassionate. Thank You Very Much!"  M.M.

"Kind, courteous, on time, and knowledgeable." D.C.

"This office and the staff have always treated me and my son great. My son has the allergies and they have always made me feel as if I am first priority to them. Thank you!" T.S.K.

"Dr. Ranta + your staff are always so friendly + nice. I feel like I can talk freely with anyone. You are doing a great job- Keep up the good work."  C.K.

"Thank you to you and your staff for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me as a walk-in. I truly appreciate the professionalism displayed by everyone in helping me determine the cause and solution for my condition. My sincerest thanks."  A.N.

"Thanks so much Cheri, Liz, and Jen! Who knew having allergy shots could feel so uplifting, eh? It's because of your thoughtful attention and beautiful spirits. I miss you already! See you next month."  M.B.

"Wonderful staff, caring and kind."  L.H.

"Thank you for such prompt & friendly service."  W.H.

"Wonderful friendly place. Dr. Ranta is personable + genuinely cares. Cheri is awesome + it doesn't hurt. All are great! Enjoy coming."  B.B.

"Dr. Ranta is very efficient, all of the nurses are professional and friendly, the receptionists are also efficient and friendly. The waiting room and patient rooms are clean and comfortable. There is not a lot of wait time for either shots or appointments. Overall, I give everything a grade of A+!"  K.S.

"Most of the time it seems extremely cold in the lobby + exam rooms.... All else is good- great staff and we never have to wait." C.T.

"Thank you for always being available to us. It is nice to walk in for the allergy shot and not have to set appointments. This works great for our busy life style."  K.S.

"I appreciate the minimal waiting time to get the shots. The nurses are all friendly and nice. The office waiting room is very pleasant- I like looking at the paintings."  G.C.

"All staff at GLA & A have always been very courteous and helpful. My shots along with my medication for asthma have made a big difference in everyday life. Breathing 'normal' again has been a wonderful thing. Thanks Dr. Ranta and all staff, we are lucky to have you in town." R.M.

"Friendly staff. Very nice and professional."  M.Q.

Excellent staff. Very informative. Great at giving shots. Dr. Ranta is easy to talk to. Overall the shots are working great." F.Q.

"Wow, where do I begin? The nurses are beautiful, their smiles, compassionate voices, caring spirits... Excellent personal patient skills- very professional, respectful and sincere. Dr. Ranta is so cool. Thorough, great listener and excellent sense of humor. Office staff- kind and patient. Office- welcoming decor, clean and appealing." M.B.

"Extremely happy with all my services. All staff is very courteous and friendly. I only have one suggestion: it is freezing in here in the summer." M.W.

"Appreciate new building + ease of parking. Waiting time is minimal. Staff are all congenial + friendly. Dr. Ranta- personable and caring. Shots are helping! Thank you all." J.H.

"Staff is awesome, especially that Cheri." L.H.

"It is very cold in here. Staff is wonderful. Cold! Cold! Cold! Need to wear a jacket + mits in here." D.Q.

"Give your nurses raises- they are wonderful." L.M.

"Shots are working well, staff very pleasant. Office is comfortable, need to get a better variety of magazines."  A.S.

"All the staff is really nice."  N.L.

Your staff and times are very good. No complaints. Your office personnel are top notch people!" L.S.

"Staff is Awesome! Shots don't hurt (Smiley face). Ranta is cool. Office is very nice. A+ " B.A.

"Friendly staff/ convenient hours and process." D.A.

Everyone I have worked with here has been most friendly, helpful, and accomidating, Thank you + keep up the good work!" K.W.

"The staff is very caring and fun to be around. Its a very nice and clean facility. Thanks again."  J.E.

"I don't have any complaints about this office. Everyone here is great. Very friendly. You get in and out ASAP."  E.R.

"Every one here are very kind. They are nice and they make me laugh!! They find out whats wrong with me. They make me and my family welcome." P.K. (Age 12)

"It has been a long haul- comitting to allergy shots each week (2x/week when I could get here). But a lot of my symptoms have either subsided, or are greatly lessened as a result. I'm close to 1x/month now- thank goodness. Your staff has been great. Especially Liz +Cheri. Any questions I've had- they have been great at answering- My shots are (almost) painless- When I was sick- they took great care of me. My last year + 1/2 have been pleasant coming here."  T.B.

"Everyone at the clinic is happy, nice, & helpful. We always feel welcome." A.K.

"The staff, atmosphere, office, and doctor treat you like a person. They talk to you, they always have a smile, & when you sense something wrong & ask about it, they tell you. They treat you like a friend. I've been getting shots for 2 1/2 years now & never one bad experience."  M.L.

"I think these shots have helped me to be less sensitive to all my allergy triggers. Cheri is very friendly & 20 minutes goes by fast! Thanks for providing this service."  S.T.

"Very good service and accommodating staff. Friendly & personable. Thank you."  W.H.

"All good things about my visits."  C.C.

Great Start Collaborative Awarded Certificate of Recognition to Great Lakes Allergy & Asthma Center for "Being a Family Friendly Business that supports and encourages children and families through its business practices." S.K., Great Start Director

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